Dominique Biebau (1977) worked as an editor and radio journalist. His debut novel Slow Roads (Trage Wegen) was credited by the jury of the Debut Prize 2014 as ‘most refreshing debut'. His second novel Icelandic Gambit tells the story of the master forger, spy and chess player, Maxim Boelgakov. 

‘Biebau dissects the local political jousting and elevates the common man to an intriguing creature.’ Cutting Edge

Icelandic Gambit

Master forger, spy and chess player Maxim Boelgakov, also known as ‘the man without handwriting’, has many faces – and enemies. When he is found murdered in a hotel room in Reykjavik, an international conflict starts to loom overhead. An anonymous investigator digs into the case. His only clue is a cryptic manuscript in which Boelgakov indicates his murderer. Unfortunately, a crucial part of the text is missing. Time is running out. Luckily, the nights in Reykjavik are particularly long…

A cleverly structured thriller, a touching love affair and a unique chess story.