Erik Vlaminck (1954) is one of the most important Flemish writers, famous for his theatre plays and six novels about the unusual life of ordinary people in Flanders. His novel Brandlucht (Fire and Air – English edition available) was longlisted for the prestigious Libris as well as Ako literature Award.

‘His story is both tragic and humorous, his descriptions are filmic and colorfull.’ – Noord Hollands Dagblad

‘I walked around with the characters for days. Their motives kept me fascinated, I kept hearing their voices, and continued to be amazed by the astounding tragedy that Vlaminck took out such ordinary lives.’ -   Standaard der Letteren

‘Erik Vlaminck is magnificent and humorous in his portrait of a small, dangerous man.’ – Feeling

The Black Bridge

A man is not capable of adjusting to an ever changing world. He loses himself in a longing for the sense of security of his youth until he can’t stand it anymore.

Leo Lenaerts dies in the summer of 2015 only two hundred meters of the place where his childhood home used to be. Lillo, the idyllic village in which he grew up, was swallowed by the big harbour city and literally swiped of the map. A forced life in urban anonymity has left its marks and made him feel uprooted. His voice wasn’t heard, his resistance useless, his empowerment became resentment and then unreasonable anger.

Despair, uncouth friendship, sarcastic humour and repressed melancholy fight for their place. The black bridge is an outline of a life of an unremarkable but potentially dangerous man.