Guido Eekhaut (aka pen name Nellie Mandel) was awarded the Hercule Poirot prize for best crime novel two times, and the Diamanten Kogel for best crime novel once.  Shortlisted for the Gouden Strop for best crime novel two times as well. His novel Absint sold 20.000 copies,  German translation available. Eekhaut also won several prizes for his short stories.

'Crème de la crème of the Flemish writers' – Bruna

'His thrillers are ambitious and smoothly written, he is the king of the unconventional plot.' – Het Nieuwsblad

 'A very gifted writer, his storytelling matches the great.' - Crimezone


Lens Hoffmann meets Alex in the south of Denmark, on his way to Germany after finishing his last job. At the age of sixty, he wants to leave the organization that pays him for getting rid of prominent people. She (34) stole an important manuscript while researching Early Christian cultures. He gives her a ride. While she is being chased by a relentless enemy, his former employer is not happy to see him go, as he knows too many secrets. When two armed men shoot at them on the highway while driving a BMW, they go on the run together. It’s their only option. No connection to families or society.

Hoffmann starts having doubts on this young woman: is her strange story about gnostic conspiracies true? Why is she so obsessed with evil? Hoffmann himself is haunted as well by his dark past…