Moço is the fourteenth thriller of Patrick Conrad, writer, poet, painter and filmmaker, offers in his newest roman noir an exciting cocktail of tension and pace. Previous titles by Conrad were repeatedly nominated for the Hercule Poirot prize, awarded with the Diamanten Kogel 2007 and translated into German and English. Moço was awarded with the Hercule Poirot prize 2015.

His novel Limousine will be adapted for the screen in the United States.

‘He constantly merges different layers, without  getting pedantic or lapsing into Grand Guinol. I will name a few exciting angles. The hopelessness of the moral fable. The cinematic symbolism. The grammatical artifice. Concealing as a technique.’ - Lukas De Vos

‘Conrad is simply masterly.’ - De Morgen

‘Raw, hard and cynical.’ - Vrij Nederland

‘Original, unsettling and absorbing.’ - The Times


Harry Kramer is too late when he visits his mother: she lies death on the streets underneath the open window of her apartment. Harry doesn’t believe  in suicide. But who would throw an defenseless, crippled old lady through the window, and why? Harry searches through the enigmatic past of his mother. Meanwhile he finds comfort by Adiouma, a stripper who works in the Malibu on the left bank, and scattering in his work as a photographer of  spectacular and morbid snapshots for which he gets paid very well by the editor-in-chiefs of Shock. When the Malibu burns down, he takes Adiouma in. In the meantime Moço, the mysterious vagrant who he had met at the park near his mother’s apartment, has disappeared inexplicable. The more he tracks down his mother’s ways, the closer he gets  to the truth. Right up until the staggering outcome which he discovers right around the corner in Antwerp. 


The unfinished romance of Ediapaso Gianovoltare

Who murdered the woman in Johnnie Walker’s bed? The bloody letters EDIAPASO on the bedroom wall are as big of a mystery to commissioner Moermans, who is leading the investigation, as they are to Walker himself, who – astonished – was the first to discover the mutilated body of Luisa, his ex-girlfriend. After a heated argument with her in Sikonos, a Greek pub in Antwerp where he spends as much time as in his little bookshop, everyone is sure to point the finger at him. His unruly past as a soldier in Rwanda and his discharge from the army due to post traumatic stress disorder trip him up as well. He decides to go underground and to find out what really happened. 

Johnnie’s drinking buddies – a picturesque bunch of misfits – are busy speculating while Moermans digs deeper into Louisa’s family ties and starts a manhunt for Walker, whom he thinks is the mysterious Ediapaso.