Rudolf Hecke (1961) is a professional singer-songwriter. His first Dutch biography on Serge Gainsbourg (EPO publishers, 2012), accompanying a musical reading tour is widely acclaimed and will  continue until 2017.

Land of wounds

A man on the equator of his live gets struck by a fatal brain scan diagnosis. In his deepest past he discovers that his life was a figure of his imagination. He is faced with a choice: does he renounce his imagination and therefore denies himself? Or should he remain loyal to his imaginary self and accepts the illusion as the reality? A choice between dog and wolf.

The writer and his main character visit a psychiatrist. His name is Dirk De Wachter. They meet each other ‘behind the land of wounds ‘ on seven predestined locations. The author communicates with the psychiatrist through the cracks of the story. Until the cracks close and the author and Dirk De Wachter blend into fiction. They become fellow residents of the land of wounds, characters of a parallel novel. Pasts blend, who is protagonist, who is writer, who is Dirk De Wachter? Who is not who he claims to be? Only one of them is real and shall return from this story. The others shall be exposed as an illusion.

These two novels are accompanied by a classical music performance, available on CD included in the book.