Elisabeth Marain (1943) wrote ten novels, about twenty children books and many theatre plays. Her debut Het tranenmee, based on the death of her husband, was awarded best debut. The life of her parents inspired her to write It is silent where it is not windy.

About her work:

‘Marain writes tightly but expressive: everyone has empathy for her characters’ – Nieuwsblad

‘Elisabeth Marain has proven once again that she masters her authorship until refinement.’ – Ansiel literature blog

‘Beautiful cover’, ‘For a broad audience of both literature-oriented readers and fans of well-written love stories.’ – Biblion 

It is silent where it is not windy

The violent family in which Gustave grows up and the loving family of Julia entwine during the First World War. Gustave and Julia fall in love and marry but he has another love: the sea. He can’t let go of his dream to become a seaman. Julia accepts this. Their relationship is passionate but exhausting. Their family expanding, Gustave constantly struggles in finding a balance between his two great loves. At the dawn of Second World War, the family misses the last opportunity to cross the sea to England. Gustave feels forced to work for the German occupier to provide for his family. After liberation he gets punished for this. Eventually he becomes captain hoping that the freedom of the sea possibly outweighs the terrible stigma that haunts on land.